-Sun elves: The sun elves have blamed many wrong doings on the shades, and insist that the elf race must go to war on the shades for the great genocide the shades caused. The shades believe that the sun elves are but lyres that want this war more than anything.
-Moon elves: The shades believe that the sun elves control the moon elves through their honor and force them into believing these lies about famine, slavery and death.

Racial traits

+Freedom: The shades’ have no illegalities in their land, so they may freely experiment with any kind of magic or substance they want.
+Logic: Allows the shade race to only act logically in any situation, emotions will not get in the way of progress.
-Emotionless: Without emotions the shades have no understanding of how the other races think and feel, this leaves the shades at a very uncomfortable position.
-Hated: The shades are the most hated race and will be treated with hostility from other enemies.

Upbringing – Lasendra

(the black towers) +1d2 to magic
Lesendra is the capital of the shade population. Other races are allowed in, but many characters would prefer not to enter the black towers out of fear. The land is also called the black towers from the many towers that surround the great city, it is said that the worst form of tortures and alteration are performed within the tallest tower by the darkest minds in the city. Whether or not true, the rumors continue to spread. Lasendra is located at the demon desert and although has no connection to the outside slave traders, still bears the inaccurate title. The sky is always gray and hot with winds eternally eating away at the stonework walls, lightning continuously fills the sky but always further away from the castle giving the halls a deathly quiet feel to them. The shades do not mind the problems of the desert life; in fact they prefer the unclaimed space knowing that none would fight them for it.

Religion –

none the shades believe that religion is a weakness and should not have an effect of their life.

Guild – Keepers of the night sky

(train better black magic spells and opens the altered black element) The keepers practice the blackest of black magic

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